Customer Testimonials

Here at T&G we are very proud of customer care and receive many letters thanking us, please see a selection below!

E-mail received 27th August 2017

"I phoned up last week and spoke to Fiona further to the perishing of the rubber cap on my Stainless Steel Apollo pepper mill which must be 10+ years old.I was very impressed by the customer service shown by Fiona including product knowledge and replacement of the caps which fitted perfectly ... as Fiona had foretold.I was so impressed I felt the need to buy a spice mill from your company - which I hope will last just as long

Thanks again."

E-mail received 16th August 2017

"Just wanted to leave some feedback. I have had the best aftercare customer service possible. After having both T & G salt and pepper mills for 8 years, a replacement part was sent and received within 48 hours and most amazingly free of charge. Perhaps you could set up training in customer service and after care for other. Thank you."

E-mail received 1st June 2017

"just to thank you for the replacement pepper mill which arrived yesterday(especially Fiona Gissing for all your help). Refreshing to see a company who stands by its product and guarantee with no hassle to the purchaser. Once again many thanks."

E-mail received 10th July 2017

"I was very appreciative to discover that T&G do such a great job of after sales customer care and service. I dropped my fathers pepper mill which he has had for around 10 years and the glass jar smashed. After looking up the T&G website and contacting them by email I was delighted to receive a reply early the next day telling me that they could supply me a replacement glass jar at a very reasonable cost for the part and postage. If only every company took care of customers like this. Thank you very much, the next salt & pepper mill I buy for myself will be from the T&G range without a doubt."

E-mail received 15th May 2017

"Hello T & G Bristol... :-)
.... Finally, Finally, I have found a Salt and Pepper mill that does what it is supposed to do - That is to grind and crush - After years of buying (even battery operated) so called salt and pepper mills grinders, I can honestly say they have all been useless and have been destined to the 'useless corner' ... That is until my daughter, last week, for my birthday, bought me the T and G Apollo matching set in brushed silver...... Now that is exactly what a salt and pepper crusher grinder should be - Thank You - I'm very pleased ... in fact if you want to treat yourself to something unusual and practical, buy your self the Apollo set - Looks good and it works ! !"

E-mail received 3rd January 2017

"Thank you so much for repairing and returning our salt mill under the lifetime guarantee. It is now working perfectly.

You said that you didn’t think you would get it back to us before Christmas – but you did! It was much appreciated. Thank you again.

Your customer service is brilliant!

Wishing you a Happy New Year."

E-mail received 8th December 2016

"Hi Fiona

Just a quick e-mail to thank you very much for repairing my salt mill and returning it to me so quickly.
May I take this opportunity of saying that I have been most impressed with your customer service.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

E-mail received 23rd November 2016

"Hello Fiona,
A very big 'Thank you' for the new pepper mill which arrived yesterday.
You have certainly earned five gold stars for effort and perseverance.
I will certainly be on the look out for more TG products in the future."

E-mail received 16th November 2016

"Arrived when you said, installation was easy as you advised, customer service second to none ... thank you very much indeed ..."

E-mail received 14th November 2016

"Hello Fiona,
Thank you so much for your reply, I will be delighted to receive a new peppermill, as shown in your picture.
Once again I thank you for all the time and effort you have taken to resolve our problem. Amazing service."

E-mail received 10th November 2016

"Hi Fiona. I received replacement salt pepper grinders today. I am delighted with them. I really did not expect you to replace them but thank you very much for doing so and for your excellent customer service."

E-mail received 8th November 2016

"Dear Fiona,

Just a short note to express how pleased we were in receiving our newly reconditioned cruet set.

I must say that your after sales service is truly exceptional, your attentiveness to our needs first class.

May I thank you and wish you well."

E-mail received 1st November 2016

"Good morning Fiona,

I just wanted to let you know my replacement stopper has now arrived.

Thank you for your exemplary customer service."

E-mail received 1st November 2016

"Hi Fiona,
Just a quick line to say I received my refurbished pepper mill back today, and to say many thanks for your fantastic service. I am most impressed both by your responses and the speed of return of my unit. Many thanks again for a great service."

E-mail received 28th October 2016

"Good afternoon Fiona,

This is just a short message to confirm that the new mechanism for my salt mill arrived by post this morning. As you can see from the pic below I've fitted it and the mill is now as good as new.
So, I would like to thank you very much for the the way that this whole enquiry was handled and to say that on this occasion you have definitely exceeded customer expectations.
We just love the TG Woodware range and we have several of your items in our kitchen, they are all well designed, extremely functional and a joy to use.
Keep up the good work and many thanks once again."

E-mail received 28th October 2016

"Dear Fiona

Many thanks for your prompt repair and return of our pepper mill. I apologise for not getting back sooner.

We do enjoy the way in which both the salt & pepper work and thank you for enclosing the illustrated leaflet.

There is no hesitation in recommending your quality products to others. "

E-mail received 27th October 2016

"Good morning Fiona,
Just to let you know the replacement jar arrived yesterday morning and to say a big thank you for your excellent and quick support.
As a retired design engineer, I am well able to appreciate a well-made, quality product that does exactly as it claims; which, in this ‘throwaway society’ is very nice to own."

E-mail received 10 October 2016

"Hi Fiona

Thanks so much for my new spare parts. It works a treat now.
Really appreciate your friendly, can do support. It was a pleasure to deal with you."

E-mail received 6 October 2016

"Thanks so much for manufacturing a sugar bowl in the Pride of Place range - have immediately ordered one and will pass the news around."

E-mail received 6 October 2016

"Thanks so much for manufacturing a sugar bowl in the Pride of Place range - have immediately ordered one and will pass the news around."

E-mail received 6 October 2016

"Dear Fiona,

Thank you very much for replacing the defective Pepper Mill – it arrived in the post yesterday and is now part of our mealtimes again!

I really appreciate your prompt, courteous and efficient service. I will continue to recommend the product (and the company) to all my friends and acquaintances."

E-mail received 4 October 2016

"We recently purchased a Pride of Place teapot after much searching and trying many makes and styles. After two weeks of use we can honestly say this is the best one we have owned. We now know from your website that it is dishwasher safe - great result all round. Thanks."

E-mail received 21 September 2016

"Dear Fiona

Thank you very much for repairing our pepper mill, we were very impressed with the efficient way this has been handled."

E-mail received 20 September 2016

"Hi Fiona

Thank you so much, that's so kind. I was already a fan of your products, now I'm a huge fan of your company too! I really do appreciate your help and your fantastic service.

Looking forward to completing my lovely kitchen trolley tomorrow!"

E-mail received 20 September 2016

"Hello Fiona,

"You have made my day! The salt mill has arrived, and I’m really pleased with it. I feel reassured that there are still good people and good companies in the world.

Thank you again."

E-mail received 11 September 2016

"Hi, Fiona,
I just want to say thank you for the safe arrival of my salt mill...
but especially for the accompanying letter. You have been nothing but helpful and
courteous and you are a credit to your company."

E-mail received 10 September 2016

"Many thanks for the washer which arrived this morning. Peppermill up and running.

I must say your customer support is some of the best I’ve come across well done – most impressive."

E-mail received 10 September 2016

"Just wanted to say thanks for the replacement salt grinder. It's working great. Thanks for such great service/ help."

E-mail received 4 September 2016

"Thank you for your excellent customer service. My pepper mill is now working much better. It is rare to find a company that has such good follow up and service. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family. Many thanks"

E-mail received 29 August 2016

"Hello Fiona
The parts arrived the next day.
Thank you again for a wonderful customer service and for the replacement parts."

E-mail received 27 August 2016

"Dear Fiona,
It was a delight to speak with you the other day, and so helpful.
The new grindstone arrived and is fitted and now the mill works perfectly! I have released the tension a little, I sense that was the problem, it was too tight!"

E-mail received 24 August 2016

"Morning Fiona.
Just to let you know we've received our pepper mill back, and would like you to know that we used it last night for the first time in over 6months!

Dealing with you has been a pleasure and rather refreshing.
To actually get a reply to an email is quite something believe me.

A very professional approach, and we will not hesitate to buy and/or recommend your products in the future."

E-mail received 22 August 2016

"Thanks Fiona,

Amazing level of customer care! V impressive and not the norm these days."

E-mail received 11 August 2016

"The two black retaining rings for my pepper mill were received this morning, thank you so much! That's what I call customer service (-: "

E-mail received 27 July 2016

"Dear Fiona
Many thanks for repairing our salt mill which we received at the weekend. Excellent service and we are enjoying using it again."

E-mail received 25 July 2016

Hello Fiona

"Pepper Mill arrived safe and sound. Thank You. I would just like to say that I have been impressed
by your after sales service which has been exemplary. I would have no hesitation in recommending
anyone to purchase products from your Company."

E-mail received 24 July 2016

Dear Fiona

"Thank you very much for returning the faulty salt mill (it looks new to me!). The problem was dealt with by Abraxas in Rugby and T&G very efficiently.

I had the mill for a long time and have bought several as presents. Also pepper mills which and we all love them so much. Your swift response maintains my faith in the product."

E-mail received 22 July 2016

"Good morning Fiona, thank you for repairing the pot, which arrived back today, excellent service as before, many thanks."

E-mail received 20 July 2016

"I would be very pleased to accept your suggestion and would like to say what an exceptional after sales service you offer.

In the current climate where "Service" is often a derogatory term, it is refreshing to see a company that is willing to stand up to its claims and commitments! I award you 5 stars for your product and your service which I find second to none and will certainly pass this on to family and friends. "

E-mail received 14 July 2016

"I have to say I’m impressed with your service.

I would like to have the mill repaired and will pack it up and send it later today, along with a cheque.

Once again, thanks for your excellent service."

E-mail received 7 July 2016

"in 50 years of doing business with British companies I can count on one hand with fingers to spare those that offer quality products ,faultless customer service, backup and a level of professionalism that leaves you in awe. [email protected] fulfill all the above mentioned criteria. I would like to give a special mention to Fiona a rare individual whose personality and professionalism make you feel that your custom is genuinely valued."

Letter received 25 July 2015

"I had reason to contact your company several weeks back regarding a pepper mill that I had purchased approximately 10 years ago.

How impressed I am by your company. It restores my faith in after sales service and being able to deal with such courteous members of your staff. The lady who resolved my problem was Ms Fiona Gissing and what an asset she is to your company.

As I say,, I had purchased said mill sometime ago and although it held a 25 year guarantee I would have been hard pressed to have found receipt for the same......Ms Gissing corrected the fault for me and posted back to me my lovely pepper mill.

Thank you all for producing such great products, plus the bonus of your helpful courteous staff."

E-mail received 28 May 2015

"Thank you for your excellent service - absolutely wonderful in this era of large companies showing apparently little concern for their customers. Top notch!"

Letter received 11 May 2015

"Thank you so much for repairing and renewing my Yo Yo's salt and pepper mills. What a fantastic service, very rare these days!"

Letter received 12 April 2015

"Thank you for your letter of 10 April which accompanied the return of our peppermill. I am completely astounded and overwhelmed by your company's amazing response to this matter and I can only say that you must provide the best customer service in the world!!"

E-mail received 19 February 2015

"I would like express my thanks and confirm how impressed I was with your customer service.

We recently bought a kitchen trolley and on opening the box to assemble it, we found that it had unfortunately been damaged in transit. I returned the trolley in person to your Portishead factory to ensure that I collected an undamaged trolley. Fiona and Mark were excellent in dealing with the situation, ensuring that the original and replacement trolley were fully checked. Clearly the damage was caused by the courier but your team were very customer focused and ensured I was happy with the end result."

E-mail received 26th October 2014

"For the personal attention of P.S.T. Gardner Managing Director

I would just like you to know that I have been extremely impressed with the attention given to me recently by a member of your staff.
Her name is Fiona Gissing. My salt mill had broken so I telephoned to ask about repair. She dealt with my problem in a truly professional manner and a week later, a brand new one arrived, fitted with a better ceramic mechanism!
She is a credit to your customer services department and should be treasured - Young ladies like her a difficult to find these days."

E-mail received 8th April 2014

"Many thanks for your email. I am impressed by your follow up. I have just watched the video and enjoyed the demonstrations.
If recipes( particularly on TV) started mentioning 'Freshly Ground Spices' as a 'good thing'., then that must help to get the message across. I have been ill recently and having just been diagnosed as a diabetic, am concentrating on sugar free baking just now.
I will be back to the savouries soon and will experiment with blends. First would Sage and Thyme for sausage rolls as a replacement for the fresh herbs.

The mills are still grinding superbly."

E-mail received 26th March 2014

"Good Morning Fiona

Thank you for your very prompt reply to my email. I am astonished that you honour such a lifetime guarantee. Your company should be applauded.

Even if you do replace or repair these grinders I would still appreciate the name of a local stockist because I will certainly be giving them further endorsement and they will make great gifts especially with this story to tell.

Thank you again Fiona."

E-mail received 12th March 2014

"many thanks for sending me the spare part for my Viva trolley.It arrived this morning. I was very impressed with your customer service.
Special thanks to Fiona who was utterly charming and very helpful."

E-mail received 8th January 2014

"Dear Fiona,

Thank you very much for arranging the repair of my salt and pepper mills which I received today. I have been really impressed by the level and personal nature of the customer service I have received and look forward to recommending your products to anyone who will listen.

With sincere thanks"

E-mail received 7th November 2013

"Hi Fiona
Pepper Mill arrived back safely this morning have already taken it for a test drive fantastic works like a dream.
Many many thanks for all your help and assistance a first class service throughout.

Happy customer"

E-mail received 2nd November 2013


We just wanted to say a big thank you and also to express how impressed we are with your company. The service has been excellent and the salt mill is a good as new.

It was a lovely touch to refill the salt as well."

E-mail received 2nd November 2013

"Thank you so much Fiona - the mechanism arrived today and fitted easily.

Very impressed with the service and will buy more of your products particularly as wedding presents now I know that your lifetime guarantee means just that."

E-mail received 2nd November 2013

"Dear Fiona

Many thanks for the pepper pot received this morning. What a lovely surprise.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to replace it. Wonderful customer care."

E-mail received 31st October 2013

"Many thanks for your help, if only Kuoni employed such diligent and effective customer service representatives, i would have to fight for my refund from our holiday!!"

E-mail received 29th October 2013


That is very kind of you, it is so refreshing in this day and age to find outstanding, no quibble customer service. You are to be commended!
Next time we are invited to a wedding we will be sure to buy T&G Woodware salt and pepper mills instead of the usual toaster or christie towel bundle!! They are much better value for money and give far greater longevity!"

E-mail received 29th October 2013

"Dear Fiona

I would like to thank you for your attention to the problem of the broken salt mill. I was surprised and delighted to receive a replacement mill last week and am very impressed by the service provided by yourself on behalf of TG Woodware.
Thank you very much."

E-mail received 22nd October 2013

"Dear Fiona

The stopper arrived today - thank you very much indeed. It was superb customer service and matches the quality of the mills."

E-mail received 22nd October 2013

"Hi Fiona
This is simply to say thank you very much for your help in solving the problem with the mills.
When I arrived home this evening the replacement components were waiting, and are now fitted and working perfectly.
Thank you for such an exceptional display of outstanding customer service."

Letter received 10th October 2013

"Dear Fiona,

Thank you so much for looking into the problem with my salt mill and for going to so much trouble to find one to replace it. The replacement is beautiful, and we will be very conscious of using the right kind of salt in it.

Since the help you gave me when I bought teh salt mill 6 (ish) years agoyou have given the best customer-care of any company I have ever dealt with! Thank you so much. I will continue to recommend T&G for quality and service."

E-mail received October 2013

"THANKS so much Fiona and my trolley will then be back in business :) Thanks again, you've been ever so helpful and it just goes to prove that it pays off in the long run to buy quality products."

E-mail received October 2013

" Hi Fiona,

Thanks for your email. The problem has been sorted out now by your excellent staff.

My daughter is delighted with her new pepper mill returned to her in record time.

Thank you so much for your brilliant customer service and speedy action."

E-mail received October 2013

"Hello Fiona,

Thank you very much for the replacement retaining ring, which arrived safely a couple of days ago.

I am grateful to you for your kind assistance in this matter and very impressed with your prompt and efficient customer service."

E-mail received October 2013

"Good Afternoon Fiona
I just wanted to send you a note in appreciation for your service. My replacement mill & stand were received this morning as promised. It is so refreshing to find a company that cares about customer service. Will defiantly bear this in mind for any future purchases!

Many thanks again"

Letter received October 2013

"Dear Fiona,

We just wanted to say how delighted we are with the T&G repair service on our salt and pepper mills. We love them to bits and were so pleased to hear that you offer a repair service. We had been quite prepared to buy new and replace them as they are by far and away the best mills on the market.

So we are chuffed to have them back and working like new. Thanks very much to you all for such a great service. I'm intending that our friends will be getting T&G for Christmas."

E-mail received October 2013

"Hi Fiona,

Thank you very much for your excellent service.

The replacement castors arrived this morning and are now fitted to the trolley, with no interruption to my daughter’s business.

We are delighted by your efficiency and the speed of delivery, especially considering I placed the order late yesterday afternoon.

We will have no hesitation in recommending TG Woodware and you will certainly be top of our list for future purchases."

E-mail received September 2013

"Hi Fiona,

Thank you so much for the speedy return of my Scorcerers Hat salt mill, a fantastic service as usual! Thanks also for the complimentary salt :-) Much appreciated."

E-mail received September 2013

""Dear Fiona

Just a quick note to say thank you for the new castors, which arrived in the post yesterday.

I have fitted them to the trolley and all is fine again. They are certainly of a stronger construction than the previous fittings.

Thank you very much for your prompt assistance in dealing with the issue - it's really refreshing to find a company which is easy to get through to on the phone and has excellent customer service. Sadly there are many other companies out there who do not."

E-mail received August 2013

"Dear Fiona

Thank you for your prompt help in sending the replacement retaining ring for my pepper mill, which is now working fine again.
It's a compliment to your firm for such good service."

E-mail received August 2013

"Dear Fiona,
Just to let you know the pepper mill arrived safely this morning.
You should be congratulated on your costumer service. It's what it says on the label a lifetime guarantee! I don't think it could be bettered.

From one very satisfied costumer."

Letter received May 2013

" Just a few words to thank you personally for your kind attention in finding us and sending us a replacement lid for our Cream & Country teapot, which we love. It was very kind and helpful of you to send the lid so quickly and so well packaged and not to charge is even for the postage."

Two grateful pensioners

E-mail received March 2013

"Just a quick message to thank you for the quick replacement of our salt mill. We received it today.

I have already begun telling people about the wonderful service and great products of T&G Woodware and will continue to do so."

This was from a customer in New Zealand to our Distributor.

E-mail received March 2013

"Just to say many thanks for such excellent customer service with the ultra rapid dispatch of replacement crush grind mechanisms for my trusty Capstan mills. Top work!""

E-mail received March 2012

"Hi Chris,

I just wanted to write to say how FANTASTIC the two Wendy's are. Wendy number 1 (Rust) is our absolutey favourite rep, her product knowledge and service is second to none and Wendy number 2 (who's surname I don't know but is based in the office) is always superb, efficient and helpful and who is also known as Wendy Number 1 when I'm asking her something.

Also I have had a customer from Lincolnshire (Yes we are in North Yorkshire) who is collecting Street Party and doesn't have the internet she has told me that she is exceptionally impressed with ours and T&G's service and I thought I would pass that on too.

Lastly - you may want to let Wendy number 1 out of her isery as I wouldn't tell her why I wanted your e-mail address!!

Best wishes, Tanya Umpleby, Cooking Fantastic

E-mail received December 2011

"Dear Fiona
Thank you very much for your prompt attention...... I think I shall be treating myself to a few items in the future!"

E-mail received December 2011

"Dear Fiona

I would like to say what a pleasure it has been to deal with such an efficient and helpful lady, you are an asset to your company and obviously your companies policy to deal with any complaints from your customers is second to none. If more British companies adopted your company attitude I am sure they would be more successful and restore some of the bad feeling people have about customer care in Britain. I will not hesitate to purchase your products and recommend you to my family and friends. Once again thank you for the speed you dealt with this, I was amazed at how much I missed my combi mill. All the best to you and your company this Christmas and New Year."

E-mail received December 2011

"We are ...... impressed with the service we have received having been sent a new mill which we are delighted with. We shall certainly consider buying T&G Woodware in the future."

E-mail received December 2011

"They did indeed arrive on Saturday. Thank you very much indeed. I shall enjoy using them. And shall of course recommend T&G!"

E-mail received December 2011

"Thank you for your letter dated 25 November 2011 and for returning my lovely pepper mill in perfect working order. I am both grateful and impressed."

E-mail received December 2011

"Thank you so much for your amazingly prompt reply to my query re a pepper grinder which was no longer functioning.

The replacement part arrived by return. Fantastic service."

Letter received November 2011

"I would like to record my thanks to you personally for the time and effort you put in to get our pepper mill grinding mechanism repaired. It seems to work fine now - which is great - so every time we use it we will think of you!

Thank you again for your help in this matter; I'm sure your superb service will ensure that your firm is around for a long time to come."

E-mail received November 2011

"Hi Fiona

Thank you very much, what a change in this day and age to see such prompt action and customer support."

E-mail received November 2011

"Good Morning Fiona

I just wished to express my thanks for the speedy way in which my enquiry was dealt with. I received the package today and now have a functioning pepper mill. What a fantastic example of customer service!"

** E-mail received Nove

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