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CrushGrind® Salt & Pepper Mills

T&G's mission is to design, produce and responsibly source, exceptional quality kitchenware products that withstand the demands of real life.

T&G's CrushGrind® salt and pepper mills all contain the CrushGrind® ceramic mechanism which achieves a finer grind than conventional metal mechanisms. As ceramic is is an extremely tough material it guarantees excellent ongoing performance for many years. CrushGrind® has its own unique grinding system which require no central spindle and delivers excellent performance grind after grind. T&G's CrushGrind® mills combine creativity and innovation with the highest levels of quality and design which results in a premium range of salt and pepper mills which also make the perfect gift.

CrushGrind® salt and pepper mills are easy to use, simple to fill and regulated by a simple rotating wheel at the base or the top of the mill to achieve a fine or coarse grind for your salt and pepper. The mechanism can easily be removed making it ideal for cleaning and maintenance, it is dishwasher safe, as the mechanism is ceramic.

Salt and Pepper mills are among the most popular kitchen tools and gadgets!

Peppercorns are like coffee beans and taste better when freshly ground. Whole pepper corns contain a natural oil which gives pepper its distinctive flavour and quickly oxidises and looses its pungency once the peppercorns are ground. With T&G's CrushGrind® salt and pepper mills, you can have fine or coarsely ground pepper, the choice is yours!

Salt is an essential mineral component of a healthy balanced diet. Sea salt provides one of the simplest ways of meeting these dietary needs. Salt mills can achieve a fine and coarse grind so you can choose your own personal preference for seasoning or cooking.

CrushGrind® Spice Mills

CrushGrind® is excellent for grinding dried herbs and spices which quickly lose both aroma and flavour once they are ground because the essential oils very quickly evaporate. Buying coarsely ground dried seasonings and milling them when required releases the essential oils, restoring smell and taste to the level of freshly picked ones, take a look at our selection of Spice Mills.

All T&G CrushGrind® salt and pepper mills come with a lifetime mechansim guarantee.

A selection of T&G CrushGrind® salt and pepper mills...

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