Customer Testimonials

Here at T&G we are very proud of customer care and receive many emails and letters thanking us, please see a selection received recently...

Thank you for repairing and returning my Capstan Pepper Mill in full working order.  It is rare to find companies that still go the extra mile for their customers and stand by their products.  You are a shining example of the very best in Customer Care.

Email dated 1 February 2023

Hi Fiona

I really wanted to write and say thank you for the extremely high level of customer service we have received from your company. It is not often these days that expectations are exceeded but in your case you have certainly done this.

From first contact via email to the actual repair and swift return of our peppermill everything has been efficient and customer focussed.

Thank you once again.

Kind regards

Email dated 23 August 2022

Hi Customer service,

 Would just like to thank your staff for dealing with my telephone request for a replacement glass bulb which I broke (much to my wife’s dismay).

The Lady who answered the phone (Becky) with help from a college was very helpful and it is a credit to your organisation that you still look after customers who like to speak to someone on the telephone.

The new glass bulb arrived and is now back on the pepper grinder (am back in the good books!!).

I would also like to tell you that your products are the best and we have been so happy with the salt and pepper grinders that we have purchased quite a number of them for family and friends.

Keep up the good work.

Many thanks,

Email dated 22 August 2022

Dear Fiona

Hope you are keeping well in this extreme heat.
From my email below ..... 'It is to be hoped that I won't have to e mail you again re a similar incident (nothing personal)'.

However, on the 27th June en route to stay with friends in Tavistock, near Plymouth, I looked at the location of TG Woodware and seeing you are quite close to the M5 I decided to call in with ... a damaged pepper mill (worn out grinding wheel?). At reception I was seen to by another Fiona who I'm sure you are acquainted with (a little shocked to see an unannounced customer visiting on this occasion). She was most helpful and between us I dared to suggest/arrange to collect the repaired pepper mill on my return up the M5 to Warwick on the following Thursday, 30th.

On the 30th not only was my pepper mill ready but also repaired free of charge.

Previously I have had occasion to thank TG for a repair done free of charge and once again I am most grateful for the excellent service received from TG.

If possible I hope you can find the wherewithal to send a copy of my thanks and appreciation to your managing director knowing that as in previous years I recommend and will continue to recommend TG.

Kind regards

Email dated 18 July 2022

Dear Fiona

Thank you so much for dealing with these repairs for me.

I really  appreciate your help with this and despite your apology, I might add I was put to no inconvenience whatsoever.

I must congratulate your company, and you personally, for the delivery of first class honourable customer service.

I have had prior cause to seek your assistance some years ago and at that time I was also equally wowed by the deftness of your touch.  That quality has not diminished over time, in the slightest, in my humble experience.  I only wish that the template of service you provide could be more universally provided.  You are a beacon. 

Thank you

E-mail dated 29 June 2022

Dear T&G,

Just a quick note to acknowledge receipt of the pepper mill which arrived here yesterday having been despatched to you in a rather sorry state.

It is great to have it back in working order and with no costs to me. You rightly have confidence in your products to have them covered with a lifetime guarantee.

Thank you so much for your help. I am so impressed with the service I have received. Please convey my appreciation to the technical team.

Letter dated 4th February 2022

Hello T&G,

I  have received my pepper mill today , repaired and renewed.

It was a much loved pepper mill that I bought for my first flat nearly thirty years ago while shopping with my mum. It has worked all these years until eventually the grinding mechanism wore out!

Your helpful attitude and customer service excelled. I am delighted to have it back and my family will use it for many more years. Thank you.

Email dated 3rd February 2022

Hello T&G,
The salt mill arrived back this week. I just wanted to say a big thank you for your excellent customer service.  I really appreciated your company repairing my lovely salt mill.

Email dated 30 January 2022

Dear T&G,

Thank you very much for your letter of 28 January, and the 'good-as-new' pepper mill that TG Woodware has kindly renovated for me. I did not expect that after 30 years of service that you would repair this, without cost. It was a nice suprise to get this yesterday, after having returned from holiday. How refreshing it is to get such outstanding service from your firm, in days when no-one seems much bothered with customer care.

Please extend thanks to the gals and/or guys in the service department. Nice work all.

Email dated 28 January 2022

Thank you so much for sending that through-  the best customer service I've had for a long time!

Email dated 17 January 2022

Thanks to Sarah Reed ⁦‪@tgwoodware⁩ for replacement retaining ring for our 20 year old pepper mill. All working again and ready for another 20 years of use! 

Twitter Review 24th May 2021

Dear T&G,

We recently took delivery of a Kitchen Trolley – Grey Hevea Oak Topped – from you. We would just like to say how very pleased we are with it, the quality is exceptional .

The whole process of ordering the item, right through to delivery was excellent .Perhaps you would kindly mention this to your staff.

 Also, the gentleman who delivered the trolley was very pleasant and very carefully unpacked ,and checked the item before taking all the packing materials back to his depot !!

Now there is service for you ! I appreciate that you subcontract the delivery but maybe you could pass this message onto the ‘delivery company’.

Email dated 13th April 2021

Dear T&G,

I feel I must let you know just how your help and correspondence has impressed me.

From the first call I made to you about a fault with a salt mill you were very helpful, thorough and pleasant. You did exactly what you said you would do. The salt mill arrived back fixed within a few days, in fact the day we were heading of on holiday, hence my slow response.

The letter that accompanied it was probably the nicest letter I have ever received from any customer service department! Indeed so often even to get beyond an answerphone message to talk to a real person is rare.

What a lovely surprise to have a well written letter accompanying the repaired mill.

I hope you will continue to deal with your customers in such a professional way, going the extra mile, it really is appreciated.

Thank you once again.

Email dated 10th March 2020

Dear T&G,

Thank you very much for handling my enquiry so promptly and for forwarding the replacement pepper mill. I’m sure as you’ve said, this was an exceptional case and I look forward to continued use of both salt & pepper mills.

Thanks also for your concern and apologies throughout, but these things happen from time to time....what matters most is how the situation is dealt with as soon as the problem is made known, and in that regard your attention has been exemplary.

May I wish you also a good weekend.......and thanks again.

Email dated 28th February 2020

Dear T&G

I am writing to let you know that the replacement CrushGrind® millstone you sent arrived last week and it did indeed solve the problem we were having with our pepper mill. I also wanted to let you know how very impressed we are with your customer service. We bought our pepper mill more than 25 years ago and, with no receipt, we had no expectation that the millstone mechanism would be replaced free of charge. I remember at the time that I looked at a lot of pepper mills before I found our T&G stainless steel version. I thought at the time that it was the best I had seen and the intervening years have only confirmed this for me. I suppose then, it should not have been a surprise to me that a company that makes such a great product would also have superior customer service. Thank you so much for helping us restore our much loved and well used T&G pepper mill.

Email dated 23rd January 2020

Dear T&G

We bought our CrushGrind® mills in 2013 and they are the best mills we've ever used, regardless of which salt or pepper we put inside. We have had the odd accident (I dropped the salt recently), and T&G have been brilliant in terms of both customer service and repair. I would highly recommend both the mills and the company.


Google review 9th January 2020

Dear Sirs,


I have one of your Capstone Pepper mills given to me as a present by my Sister when I was 40 years old – that was on the 17th November 1995.


I was a professional chef for many years and my hobby is cooking I have used your grinder each cooking session with maybe 4-5 turns of the mill over 100,000 twists and turns !!!


It still works perfectly and even though my Sister lost the receipt I was intrigued as to if a life time guarantee really ever exists.


I decided to look on the mill at the bottom and there was your name. T & G Woodwear Limited and as most sceptics I immediately assumed it was another Company making promises and then going into liquidation.


When I googled your website I was completely amazed – well done to the founding Directors for making such a policy decision – it’s a shame that other Companies around the world do not do the same and manufacture consumer goods that have pre-set lifetimes to encourage further consumption.


Certainly on the Acrylic mills which are almost impossible to be recycled you are contributing in no small way to saving our planet. Every one should have one !!!!


Very soon there will be public registers on google etc for people to pick a retailer who has made their mark on making sure that we are stopping the plastic pollution of our planet.


Well done !

E-mail dated 12th November 2018

Letter written to the Editor of Which? Magazine

Dear Editor,


Some years ago I attended a Rick Stein cookery course at the end of which I purchased a pair of wooden salt & pepper mills, which I was very pleased with. Sadly, recently the grinding mechanism in the salt mill broke. I wanted to see if I could buy a replacement and after a bit of research found they were made by a company called T&G Woodware Ltd based in Portishead. I contacted the company only to be told the mills in question were no longer made. When I explained what had happened I was put through to Fiona Gissing, their Head of Customer Services who informed me these items were covered by a lifetime mechanism guarantee and if I returned them they would be repaired and refurbished free of charge. I did explain that it was only the salt mill that had failed although the pepper mill was cracked when my wife dropped it on our stone floor. She told me to return both mills and they would both be repaired and refurbished.

This I did and sure enough, two weeks later they were returned looking as good as new.

It is so rare these days for any company to give a lifetime mechanism guarantee and even rarer for someone to volunteer that information years after the event to a customer who has no idea such things exist.

A company with ethics that restores ones faith in manufacturers and retailers. Long may they thrive.

Letter dated 17th April 2018

Thank you so much for repairing and returning our salt mill under the lifetime guarantee. It is now working perfectly.

You said that you didn’t think you would get it back to us before Christmas – but you did! It was much appreciated. Thank you again.

Your customer service is brilliant!

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

E-mail received 3rd January 2017

Hello T & G Bristol... :-)
.... Finally, Finally, I have found a Salt and Pepper mill that does what it is supposed to do - That is to grind and crush - After years of buying (even battery operated) so called salt and pepper mills grinders, I can honestly say they have all been useless and have been destined to the 'useless corner' ... That is until my daughter, last week, for my birthday, bought me the T and G Apollo matching set in brushed silver...... Now that is exactly what a salt and pepper crusher grinder should be - Thank You - I'm very pleased ... in fact if you want to treat yourself to something unusual and practical, buy your self the Apollo set - Looks good and it works ! !

E-mail received 15th May 2017

Just wanted to say thanks for the replacement salt grinder. It's working great. Thanks for such great service/ help.

E-mail received 10 September 2016

I just wanted to let you know my replacement stopper has now arrived.

Thank you for your exemplary customer service.

E-mail received 1st November 2016

Just a short note to express how pleased we were in receiving our newly reconditioned cruet set.

I must say that your after sales service is truly exceptional, your attentiveness to our needs first class.

May I thank you and wish you well.

E-mail received 8th November 2016

I received replacement salt pepper grinders today. I am delighted with them. I really did not expect you to replace them but thank you very much for doing so and for your excellent customer service.

E-mail received 10th November 2016

Thank you so much for your reply, I will be delighted to receive a new peppermill, as shown in your picture.
Once again I thank you for all the time and effort you have taken to resolve our problem. Amazing service.

E-mail received 14th November 2016

Arrived when you said, installation was easy as you advised, customer service second to none ... thank you very much indeed ...

E-mail received 16th November 2016

A very big 'Thank you' for the new pepper mill which arrived yesterday.
You have certainly earned five gold stars for effort and perseverance.
I will certainly be on the look out for more TG products in the future.

E-mail received 23rd November 2016

Just a quick e-mail to thank you very much for repairing my salt mill and returning it to me so quickly.
May I take this opportunity of saying that I have been most impressed with your customer service.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

E-mail received 8th December 2016

just to thank you for the replacement pepper mill which arrived yesterday(especially Fiona Gissing for all your help). Refreshing to see a company who stands by its product and guarantee with no hassle to the purchaser. Once again many thanks.

E-mail received 1st June 2017

Just wanted to leave some feedback. I have had the best aftercare customer service possible. After having both T & G salt and pepper mills for 8 years, a replacement part was sent and received within 48 hours and most amazingly free of charge. Perhaps you could set up training in customer service and after care for other. Thank you.

E-mail received 16th August 2017

I phoned up last week and spoke to Fiona further to the perishing of the rubber cap on my Stainless Steel Apollo pepper mill which must be 10+ years old.I was very impressed by the customer service shown by Fiona including product knowledge and replacement of the caps which fitted perfectly ... as Fiona had foretold.I was so impressed I felt the need to buy a spice mill from your company - which I hope will last just as long,Thanks again.

E-mail received 27th August 2017

Just a quick line to say I received my refurbished pepper mill back today, and to say many thanks for your fantastic service. I am most impressed both by your responses and the speed of return of my unit. Many thanks again for a great service.

E-mail received 1st November 2016

Good afternoon Fiona, This is just a short message to confirm that the new mechanism for my salt mill arrived by post this morning. As you can see from the pic below I've fitted it and the mill is now as good as new.
So, I would like to thank you very much for the the way that this whole enquiry was handled and to say that on this occasion you have definitely exceeded customer expectations.
We just love the TG Woodware range and we have several of your items in our kitchen, they are all well designed, extremely functional and a joy to use.
Keep up the good work and many thanks once again.

E-mail received 28th October 2016

Many thanks for your prompt repair and return of our pepper mill. I apologise for not getting back sooner.

We do enjoy the way in which both the salt & pepper work and thank you for enclosing the illustrated leaflet.

There is no hesitation in recommending your quality products to others.

E-mail received 28th October 2016

Thank you for your excellent customer service. My pepper mill is now working much better. It is rare to find a company that has such good follow up and service. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family. Many thanks

E-mail received 4 September 2016

Thank you so much, that's so kind. I was already a fan of your products, now I'm a huge fan of your company too! I really do appreciate your help and your fantastic service.

Looking forward to completing my lovely kitchen trolley tomorrow!

E-mail received 20 September 2016

You have made my day! The salt mill has arrived, and I’m really pleased with it. I feel reassured that there are still good people and good companies in the world. Thank you again.

E-mail received 20 September 2016

I just want to say thank you for the safe arrival of my salt mill...
but especially for the accompanying letter. You have been nothing but helpful and
courteous and you are a credit to your company.

E-mail received 11 September 2016

Many thanks for the washer which arrived this morning. Peppermill up and running. I must say your customer support is some of the best I’ve come across well done – most impressive.

E-mail received 10 September 2016

Thank you very much for repairing our pepper mill, we were very impressed with the efficient way this has been handled.

E-mail received 21 September 2016

We recently purchased a Pride of Place teapot after much searching and trying many makes and styles. After two weeks of use we can honestly say this is the best one we have owned. We now know from your website that it is dishwasher safe - great result all round. Thanks.

E-mail received 4 October 2016

Thank you very much for replacing the defective Pepper Mill – it arrived in the post yesterday and is now part of our mealtimes again!

I really appreciate your prompt, courteous and efficient service. I will continue to recommend the product (and the company) to all my friends and acquaintances.

E-mail received 6 October 2016

Thanks so much for manufacturing a sugar bowl in the Pride of Place range - have immediately ordered one and will pass the news around.

E-mail received 6 October 2016

Thanks so much for my new spare parts. It works a treat now.
Really appreciate your friendly, can do support. It was a pleasure to deal with you.

E-mail received 10 October 2016

Just to let you know the replacement jar arrived yesterday morning and to say a big thank you for your excellent and quick support.
As a retired design engineer, I am well able to appreciate a well-made, quality product that does exactly as it claims; which, in this ‘throwaway society’ is very nice to own.

E-mail received 27th October 2016

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