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T&G's mission is to design, produce and responsibly source, exceptional quality kitchenware products that withstand the demands of real life.


With a mission to ‘help make a wave of change’, T&G are proud to launch new ceramic soap dishes and a gorgeous bar of soap available early September!

Available in white, grey, blue, cream, taupe and green, these soap dishes are perfect for a full-size bar of soap, practical and easy to clean. The soap dishes have a lovely solid feel that speaks quality, with solid glaze and vintage enamel look, the raised edges also stop the soap slipping out and into the sink!
To co-ordinate with the soap dishes T&G have launched an organic bar of soap in rosemary & lavender fragrance. By using a bar of soap, you will be helping the environment, a bar of soap means less waste, less climate pollution and as they contain less water they last longer and are more cost effective, what better solution for the kitchen, bathroom or cloakroom!
T&G's most conscientious bar of Ocean organic soap also contains sustainable palm oil, which ensures that the supply chain isn't wrecking the rainforests eco-system.
Giving the T&G Ocean soap dish and Ocean organic soap makes the perfect gift for those that want to help the environment  and be sustainable – help make a wave of change!
T&G make a donation to Plastic Oceans UK from the sales of these products.

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